At Techumen we are expert at helping shape the desired goals and direction for information security at any Health system. These might include:

  • A robust governance structure that fuels co-operation with clinical and compliance staff.
  • An optimization of the security budget.
  • Effective management of risks stemming from information delivery and use.
  • Provision of security services that contribute to more effective clinical workflows and those that can improve patient safety. (This is a thorough analysis of the technical and process control options and, balanced by a detailed analysis of long-run costs).

As such, our approach usually begins with a HIPAA Security Risk Assessment. This initial assessment serves as a basis and perspective for improvements that can be made system-wide. 

Specific items that we can help develop within an information technology/security context can include:

  • Superior incident response in the event of a breach.
  • Identity and Access Management to help streamline clinical workflows and reduce clinical staff burdens.
  • Training and awareness programs to help employees understand the importance of patient privacy and train on the proper use of information tools and services.
  • Efficient business continuity and disaster recovery efforts.